I have never seen in my life just only three persons walking in this square…I’m Italian and maybe i have visited Venice fifty times but this time it was like walking in a “new city” .


Sometimes one person…


When we arrive in Venice we have an image in our head, those famous images that everyone tells in the books for tourists…but this time maybe Venice gave me an even bigger gift.

The Venice of Venetians.


The cloudy sky,  diffused light, few boats on the canal,  absolutely magical.



We are behind the Rialto bridge.



Many shops closed while others open trying to face the difficult moment.



Times change and the new generations have much more “spectacular” ways to take a memory pictures.



A waiter rushes to serve dozens of customers who are not there, maybe the habit.



The cook waits.













Few tourists with the great opportunity to enjoy an unrepeatable Venice…

Social family.


Gondolier in the rain.



An authentic Venetian Junkyard.

Works wood ,restores antique furniture, repairs engines , old toys, maybe I should say hi is an artist.


Residents in an unusually empty square.



Lovers alone in the restaurant, in one of the most romantic cities in the world…





Locals talking about life.



An elegant lady in Venice.

Italian faces, faces of the past, physiognomic characteristics of looks that will remain in the history of Italianity.


Gondoliers waiting for tourists.



There is no age for love.

Romanticism is like water for plants, they need it to be lush.

It is not strange to see tables in the streets of Venice as in other Italian cities and I think that’s one of the reasons people are fascinated, I think because  it’s like living inside the history of the past and watching it today as in a movie.


Ca’  D’ oro Vaporetto stop.



“Hot” day in Venice.



A lonely girl in the wind.



He is not a thief but he is just reaching his boat.


locals with their own boat.




The first person that used a motor boat in Venice.

I met him on my way out of town to get the train and go home, he was repairing an engine gasket and after a while we talked about boat engines he started telling me about his family history and about the first motor boat in Venice and like every day his dog mounts  on his shoulders and accompanies him on the boat like a colleague like a brother.







































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