27 MAY

Attending reportage and street workshop with Andrea Bernesco is not only a photography lesson but a trip in all respects.The way in which these seminars are organized, will make your trip a unique experience that will go beyond a photography seminar.
It will allow you to get in touch with local people, absorb their culture, thus elevating your social attitude and your way of photographing.
In this “journey” Andrea is always by your side, from morning to night; walk, explore, always shoot together. Andrea will always be close to advice you on how to take care of all aspects: approach, composition, light, narration, in order to improve your way of photographing.
The evening after a day of work, you will still be together to review the shots taken and also to work on the development of the images.
All the moments of the days spent together, have a general itinerary but will not be organized in specific pre-established places or with figures paid to pose and similar things, far from it, the images you will make will be the result of long walks in search of spontaneous and authentic situations.
You will come into contact with unknown people and in unfamiliar places and even if at the beginning you will have a little embarrassment, in a short time, you will be able to be at ease and inside the scenes.

Why in lanzarote?
because is spring all year round
becouse the light is fantastic
because air flights with Europe are good and cheap
because staying and eating is cheap

because the people are friendly and kind.

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As long as the ink does not wet the paper, the photo does not exist. You may buy my prints or those of others, create the album of your holidays and your wedding but print the photos.

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