Carmen, ninety-two years old, met her at the edge of a country road as she climbed a mountain with an empty bag over her shoulders and canvas shoes.Worried by her fragile appearance I approach to ask her if she needed help but she tells me that she does not need me, that  climbs this mountain since she was a little girl.
After two chats and a smile allows me to accompany her to the top of the mountain, to do what?
To go and collect the grass for the goats.You get it right, every morning she wakes up and walks to the top of a mountain because that’s where there’s good grass for her goats.
So far nothing strange except why instead of buying for a few euros in a shop the goat feed would walk every morning to collect it at the top of the mountain.The answer was very simple:because if the goats eat well they will produce a good milk and with this milk I can make a great cheese without any kind of pollutant that would consequently enter our body, besides this herb grows spontaneously to goats like it and I do not spend a penny and then walking is good for my health.
This “simple” phrase generated deep and radical thoughts in me that made me reflect on how broad the aplition of this concept was in all aspects of human behavior.


The concept of simpleness leads to rational choices and brings the human being closer to his basic needs.The consequence of this attitude leads you to see to discern the things you really need and which you do not, but above all it pushes you to relate with a deep respect with everything around you forcing you to give an important value to everything.
If we know that something we need to feel good and we risk losing it we tend to protect it strongly, at least so it must be…


The mountain is located on the island of Lanzarote, formed by a stony material called picon negro which makes the climb very strenuous.


Carmen, the mountain and her grass.


The bag is full Carmen comes home.
The perpetuation of her daily walks and a strictly ecological diet have allowed her to be a 92-year-old woman full of energy with enviable health.





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