The tradition of Los Jolateros consists in navigating in small boats built from metal cans using  the hands as oars or small wooden shovels.
The boats are single seater and can be used by children or adults.
As in a real boat race the aim is simply to win but what makes this tradition special is to see  the old generation working with the new ones theaching the tradition to protect it over time.


The dangerous jobs are done by older kids.



She eagerly awaits her moment…






The experts teach the novices and the novices learn.





They play, have fun but they work hard and learn to use various tools.









Is a great time for social sharing, real social…



Ready for the test…







Children are born , grow up and live in the sea, inside the eyes of this boy we can see  the pride of future captain.



The crazy game before the race.



Children practice.



The race of adults is starting.



Who is the winner is not important, what matters is keep playng…











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