Attending workshops with Andrea Bernesco is not only a photography lesson but a trip in all respects.
Whether these trips are carried out in a modern metropolis or in an almost unknown exotic village, the way in which these seminars are organized, will make your trip a unique experience that will go beyond a photography seminar.
It will allow you to get in touch with local people, absorb their culture, thus elevating your social attitude and your way of photographing.

In addition to taking extreme command of the tool and photographic technique, Andrea will help you move with absolute independence and dexterity in new and little-known places.
Your portfolio will improve significantly; every participant who attended a seminar with Andrea admits that his way of photographing and knowing how to tell with images, have acquired a new vision and unexpected security.
Andrea is an expert traveler; he has been teaching seminars for several years and has a lot of experience in communication and training, partly thanks to his educational path and partly to a strong propensity to teaching and knowing how to manage a team.
The groups of participants are small and made up of a maximum of 4/6 people, thus giving you the opportunity to receive a lot of attention, interaction and communication speed.

In this “journey” Andrea is always by your side, from morning to night; walk, explore, always shoot together. Andrea will always be close to advice you on how to take care of all aspects: approach, composition, light, narration, in order to improve your way of photographing.
The evening after a day of work, you will still be together to review the shots taken and also to work on the development of the images.
Before leaving, Andrea will inform the participants in a chat created exclusively for the specific group, where all the details will be clearly and precisely planned.
All participants are required to be present the day before in the set place where the workshop will be held, so that we will have a face-to-face summary briefing.

Workshop content

Andrea Bernesco’s workshops deal with reportage, documentation and portraits.

All the moments of the days spent together, have a general itinerary but will not be organized in specific pre-established places or with figures paid to pose and similar things, far from it, the images you will make will be the result of long walks in search of spontaneous and authentic situations.

You will come into contact with unknown people and in unfamiliar places and even if at the beginning you will have a little embarrassment, in a short time, you will be able to be at ease and inside the scenes.

You must have a spirit of adaptation and sharing ability within a group; you will live true and profound experiences but in humble and simple contexts, in which, even your soul will receive an important lesson, therefore you learn to photograph but not only …

All accommodations, means of transport and places where we will stop to sleep and eat will be modest, nothing luxurious but clean and decent, thus promoting the local economy and giving you a true experience.

In some cases, during the workshop days, there may be program changes for any sudden problems such as: a train that does not start, a participant with dysentery or a sore foot; but as in any good team, arm yourself with patience and solidarity, this too is part of the journey and you will see that in the end everything will turn into a nice memory!


You are obliged to know your camera well and make it work in all its functions, as the workshop focuses on photography and not on instrument technology.

To participate in a workshop with Andrea Bernesco you must have a digital or analog camera, (unfortunately in the second case it will not be possible to review the shots at the end of the day and talk about the development of the images); cameras with apsc or smaller sensor are also fine, the important thing is that you have two fixed focal lengths equivalent to 35 mm and 50 mm in the FF format (if you don’t have one or the other, at least the 35 mm is INDISPENSABLE).

Zoom lenses, telephoto lenses or flashes are not allowed; one of the aims of these workshops is to enter the scenes, get as close as possible to the subjects, learn to compose well and read natural light.

In case you do not have the fixed lenses mentioned above (35mm and 50mm) but you only have a “zoom all to do” that includes the focal lengths (35 and 50), Andrea can “forgive you” … :-))) but you should know that you will be obliged to use them only at the focal lengths of 35 and 50 !!!!!! (did I repeat it enough? :-)))) maybe yes :-)))


It is important to have enough batteries and memory cards to face full-days; each of you knows how much autonomy your camera has per day, therefore, organize yourself well, even exaggerate for safety!

Participants take 200 to 700 photos per day and use 2 to 5 batteries (depending on the type and model of camera), this is the average, then make your own assessments (better in more than in less).

Another mandatory tool is a laptop, on which your development program must be installed. You should know how to use it; any program is fine with which we do the image review in the evening.

Also make sure you have space in the HD enough to store all the material that you will shoot during the workshop.

Every evening we will analyze and criticize some images per participant, sharing them with the whole group and discuss all aspects of reading an image: composition, light, narrative power etc. …

This will help everyone learn both from their own work and that of others, transforming the evening into a very exciting brainstorming!!

It is also mandatory that you have a phone that has whatsapp and google maps installed.


You must be fit and in perfect physical and mental health, without walking problems or anything that jeopardizes or damages your condition or that of the other participants.

The days are intense and you walk a lot, however there are breaks such as intervals for lunch or, if chosen by mutual agreement with the group, free time to do personal activities.

It is mandatory that you are covered by the health service, whether the workshop is held in a country where you are entitled to it or take out insurance that covers any need for health problems.


Andrea Bernesco DOES NOT take any responsibility for problems during the workshop such as:

health problems




climatic adversities

cancellations or delays of the means of transport

accommodation or restaurant services.

The best he can do is to help you contacting emergency numbers to solve the problem.

Andrea Bernesco is also NOT responsible if your flight is canceled; it is therefore recommended to always buy refundable air tickets.

Andrea Bernesco is NOT responsible if a participant decides to cancel after the payment he has made (read registrations, payments and cancellations).

Registrations, Payment and Cancellations

To add yourself to the list and book the workshop, simply send an email to

[email protected].

When you receive my reply, your reservation is booked.

As soon as the number of participants of the group has been reached, Andrea will send you a confirmation email stating that the number of participants is complete.

At that time the total payment must be made by bank transfer; when the transfer is credited, your registration for the workshop will be confirmed.

Payment must be made no later than 5 calendar days of confirmation that the number of participants is complete; once the above limit has been exceeded, if the transfer has not been received, the place will be considered free and available for another participant.

The cost of the Workshop only includes the photography lesson and DOES NOT include your flight, your overnight stays, meals, transport or other expenses that DO NOT concern the workshop itself.

N.B: These workshops are made up of a few people and are quite inexpensive, therefore any cancellation, even of a single participant after payment and therefore the confirmation that the group is complete to leave, would put everyone in difficulty.

Unfortunately, due to incorrect behavior of some people who canceled even a few days before departure, it was decided that once the payment has been made, if a participant decides to cancel, he won’t be refunded.

Only in the event that another participant is found to fill the vacancy and will make a new registration and the total payment of the workshop, then, the participant who has decided to cancel, will be reimbursed only for the cost of the workshop; excluding the bank transfer fee and any other expenses incurred.

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