Letting the course of things follow its natural flow allows you time to think, hear sounds and smells of your surroundings.


We are in a small rural country where westerners do not pass often, joy fills the air, the mother silks the grain, children play without thoughts.I remain detached without interfering, just a few glances a few smiles restrained and then I walk away a little bit.


Sitting on a wall I keep watching and sharing simple moments of play and at that moment curiously they approach and begin to play do in front of me deliberately attracting my attention.
The magic moment comes I lift the camera and comes the special gift.


I take the photo, they get there, they look at me laughing loudly and “the image” breaks down but the gift I had already received.





As long as the ink does not wet the paper, the photo does not exist. You may buy my prints or those of others, create the album of your holidays and your wedding but print the photos.

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