I started my journey in October 2013, almost always travelling on foot… from the low valleys to ‘brushing’ the Tibetan border. What I achieved was to discover and to hear a sound never before heard so intensely; the sound of beauty which today, unfortunately, is translated and associated with a principle far from its etymology.



Woman in her farm in Tanchok village, before the way to Nar Phu valley.


From Meta to Chyakhu.
The amazing view of the Phu khola gorge.


The stone gate before the way to Nar village.


A young boy on the trail to Phu.


The Phu village from the Tashi Lhakhang Monastery.


One of the most beautiful smile i have seen in my life.
He’s the maintainer of the Tashi Lhakhang monastery of Phu village 4200 Mt.
The feeling of emotion, like so many other feelings, is often conditioned by how much we negatively or positively measure the events of the experiences we live and, in fact, there is no absolute truth about how intense an emotion must be.
The fact that he was crying, because I felt, differently from his thought, that his smile was full of beauty I found it rare, human and precisely moving.


The rhythm of time in Phu.


An old woman without an age.



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